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Specialized Services: IVF, Preimplantaion Diagnosis/PGD, Fertility, Female & Male Infertility, Sperm Problems

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Choose EmBIO to build your family
Embio IVF Center is a distinguished International IVF Clinic , for its ground – breaking work in assisted reproduction led by Greek gynecologist and IVF specialist. Dr. Thanos Paraschos.
EmBIO Medical Center is one of the most experienced and successful fertility clinics in Europe and the world with IVF success rates reaching 70% in certain patient population groups. Since 1996, we have helped more than 10,000 babies be conceived and thousands of patients become parents. in certain patient population groups.
IVF abroad is an easy, rewarding and well organized experience at EmBIO making it possible for couples around the world to start a family, even according to a Scandinavian doctor’s high standards for a successful IVF treatment.
With rigorously screened egg donors, you can select the donor who is right for you and start an IVF donor egg treatment immediately. No waiting list or anonymity issues in Greece. You can start treatment now!

You can spend just a few days in Greece for your IVF treatment at EmBIO, and then return home to be monitored by your gynaecologist/obstetrician in collaboration with our fertility specialists.
EmBIO’s best chances at IVF success , even on your first try.

77 Ethnikis Antistaseos St., Chalandri – Athens
Facilities & Amenities
EmBIO is an undisputedly one of the biggest units of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and gynecology in Greece.
With a total surface area of 3.000 m2 and sophisticated technological equipment, this unit is able to provide the whole spectrum of novel therapeutic techniques regarding gynecology, IVF and mammography.
The unit was founded in 1997 and since then it has successfully maintained the privilege, to provide high level services in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field as well as in gynecology. The facility features state-of-the-art surgical and medical facilities, private consultation areas, and inviting open spaces. The comfortable space, in terms of simplicity and luxury create a pleasant atmosphere that completely differs from the aesthetics of a usual clinic. The doctors’ and personnel offices are completely equipped and open to inform the public, from the unit’s obstetricians and embryologists at all the stages of the IVF process.
Quality of Service/Accreditation
Embio IVF is a fully accredited center, it has the unique distinction of being one of the first fertility provider in Greece to become certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Patients & Visitors

International Fertility Patients

Couples from all corners of the globe travel to EmBIO IVF to achieve the dream of building a family.
As one of the nation’s most experienced and largest IVF centres (with more than 10,000 babies born since 1996) our staff is committed to delivering world-class care to international patients. And through our long-standing affiliation with several universities, we are always on the cutting-edge of emerging technologies.

Questions about your fertility? We have the answers.

What does EmBIO IVF do?
A global leader in cutting-edge reproductive technologies and exceptional patient care. EmBIO IVF compassionately assists individuals and couples achieve their dream of starting a family. With more than 10,000 babies born since 1996 and each of our physicians on staff, we are among Greece’s most experienced fertility centers.

What services does EmBIO IVF provide?
If you live outside Greece and have questions about your fertility, EmBIO IVF has answers. Couples from all corners of the globe travel to EmBIO IVF to achieve their dream of building a family. Through a combination of appointments, phone consultations and local care, international patients can meet with our renowned fertility specialists.

How can EmBIO IVF help?
EmBIO IVF is a leader in reproductive science and has a history of ‘firsts’ including the first donor egg pregnancy. Our cutting-edge reproductive endocrinologists specialize in all aspects of fertility services including: IVF with donor egg, same sex couple options, gestational surrogacy, PGD, embryo adoption, second opinions and difficult cases.

Located just a few miles from Athens ‘s airport EmBIO IVF will assist in securing reservations at a hotel close by to make sure your stay is as convenient and relaxed as possible. Call to inquire about our international travel package which includes discounted rates at local hotels.

Length of stay
We will help you to coordinate all the necessary testing with the help of you doctor at home. Generally most trips to our clinic last approximately two weeks.

The city of Athens
During your stay you will have the opportunity to tour the world-class city of Athens. Rich in history, culture and countless five star restaurants, Athens is renowned as a ‘must-see’ vacation destination. Your hotel concierge can assist you in experiencing what our great city has to offer.

How can patients initiate a fertility evaluation at EmBIO IVF?
If you have questions about your fertility or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation…
Feel free to contact us!

Languages spoken
Greek, English, German, French
Visitor Information
Visitors are welcome during the following times:
Every day from 8 in the morning till 8 in the afternoon
Saturday and Sunday Embio IVF is open only for emergencies
Patient Insurance
Private patients are welcome
Available Video
Video Presentation of the IVF Unit

Our IVF Treatments

Client Testimonials

This fertility centre is a true recommendation

After many years of attempts in Germany, we visited the fertility centre Embio of Dr. Paraschos in Athens. We knew it already from a former time. Dr. Paraschos gave us prompt and precise advices. The communication always occurred within a narrow time frame and the whole process was organised very well and structured. Elena, our coordinator, is really a talent. She gave us clear instructions and reacted fast to all our questions and uncertainties. Dr. Paraschos and his team is professional and with great expertise in his area.
After the first unsuccessful attempt, Elena encouraged us to try immediately once again, because the success rate would be higher. Although I felt feebly we decided to try again. Approximately 3 weeks later we went back to Embio and I became pregnant at the age of 46 years. We are very happy and thank Dr. Paraschos and his team that our wish has been fulfilled.
Katerina (pregnant in the 4th month)
Katerina, Germany

Wonderful and professional specialists in a state of the art clinic!

Through the years that I have been a patient at EmBIO Clinic, specifically since 2013, I have been treated with nothing but kindness, compassion, and respect. Their expertise never ceased to make me feel safe and my husband and I both felt that we were finally in good hands. I had been trying to conceive for a year before finding EmBIO where I succeeded in getting pregnant and am now a mother of two; a gorgeous 3-year-old daughter and an adorable 1-year-old baby boy!
Thank you Dr. Paraschos and team for my successful treatment and for making my dream a reality. I could never be grateful enough for your determination and encouragement and for good reason!!
We are back in Greece and getting ready for one last attempt for a third child! We couldn’t be more excited and happier to have each other, prouder to be the parents of two amazing children, nor more confident and optimistic to have Dr. Paraschos and EmBIO team at our side!
Kelly, Vancouver, Canada


45-year-old Tendai from the UK travelled to Embio in Greece where she underwent IVF treatment
Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF!
I had IVF with my own eggs at Embio. This is my first try. I Googled IVF clinics in Europe, saw the profiles of all the clinics and then I chose Embio because of Dr Thanos Paraschos profile and also the IVF cost at Embio.
I was told that I could start the treatment at home, but I decided to go and do everything at the clinic. The reason was I got needlophobia and I could not inject myself. So I stayed almost 3 weeks in Athens and did everything there.
During the embryo transfer I did not feel any pain. It was like a smear test.
Dr Paraschos is brilliant! I cannot explain how good he is! Sotiria, the IVF coordinator is the best! Τhey were so nice with me. All the stuff just brilliant! They really take care of you. They respond right away. Dr Paraschos replies to you quickly for anything you want to know.
, UK

emBIO – IVF Unit, Services

Preimplantation diagnosis / PGD
Male infertility
Sperm problems
Treatment options with frozen sperm
Assisted reproduction
Lesbian couples
Sperm bank
IVF for single mothers
Embryo donation (embryo adoption)
Egg donation programmes
Egg recipients
Egg donors
Donor characteristics
Donor egg IVF
Cervix and uterus anomalies
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Ovarian cysts
Gynaecologic cancers
Vitrify your eggs: you can decide when to become a mother
In Vitro Maturation (IVM)
Techniques in micro-insemination
Avoiding sickle-cell anemia
Assisted hatching
Assessment of embryo reproductive potential
Zona pellucida measurement
HLA typing

IVF Patients – IVF Success Stories

IVF Pregnancy
After all the attempts in Germany, I conceived my baby in Athens

Egg Donation without Stress with Dr Paraschos in Greece

I Conceived my Baby in Greece!

IVF Success Rate
EmBIO IVF boasts one of the highest success rates in Europe. Οur success rate in 2013 in women undergoing ivf with egg donation under the care of Fertility Specialist Dr. Thanos Paraschos was over 70%.
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IVF Staff

Specialized Personnel
Dr. Paraschos Thanos
Obstetriacian Gynaecologist

Director of emBIO Medical Centre

Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation &
Endoscopic Surgery Unit

Dr. Gatos Elias
Obstetriacian Gynaecologist



Director of emBIO Medical Centre


Dr.Theodoropoulos George



In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Specialistof 


Dr. Amalia Georgakaki




Dr.  Katrania-Paraschou Dina
BSc, MSc Clinical Embryologist



Head of emBIO IVF Laboratory 


Dr. Kakani Rania
BSc, MSc Clinical Embryologist



Clinical Embryologist


 Dr. Georgoulakou Lili
BSc, MSc Clinical Embryologist



Clinical Embryologist


The medical and scientific personnel of the unit headed by Thanos Parashos are well educated and in combination with the modern technological equipment offers safety, assurance and confidence.

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