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Your access to one day healthcare in an ultramodern facility, located at a pleasant, well-equipped space at the centre of Piraeus combining science, knowledge, a vision and the future, is now a reality.
YODAYour One Day Access to Healthcare

Piraeus, 25 Iroon Polytechneiou st., Greece
Facilities & Amenities
YODA housed in a modern, seven-storey building in the centre of Piraeus where patients enjoy high-quality medical services, in an environment of high aesthetic quality. Across the clinics, dental units and partially or fully sterilized operating rooms, invasive as well as non-invasive procedures are performed using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, always with the best outcome for the patient in mind.
Quality of Service/Accreditation
Cutting-edge equipment and a pleasant atmosphere combine with scientific methods, knowledge and confidentiality to create our solid vision for the future.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
The YODA Medical Daycare Unit welcomes international patients to make their health care experience as comfortable as possible.
The clinic’s highly trained staff is here to help you deal with the stress of falling ill and obtaining the best possible treatment in a foreign country.
Languages spoken
English, French and Serbian
Visitor Information
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 9:00 pm
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Patient Insurance/ Payment
At the YODA each individual and their health are of the utmost priority to both the founder and the medical, nursing and administrative staff. Hence, our pricing policy enables us to provide the best medical services at affordable prices. At the same time, the Unit has entered a partnership with the EY CLUB.
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Client Testimonials

Health Services

Medical Departments
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Dental Care
  • Diabetic Foot Clinic
  • Dermatology – Venereology
  • Gastroenterology Clinic
  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics – Gynaecology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Urology – Andrology
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Clinic
  • Perianal Diseases & Rectal Health Clinic
Medical Equipment

Perianal Diseases
Haemorrhoid Treatment
Diabetic foot Debridement and Care
Investigation of Anaemia
Stomach ulcer Treatment
Dental Implants
Oral Surgery
Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Paediatric Dentistry
Special Units
LGBT Health and Beauty Services


Health Care Team

President Of Shareholder Company
Marketing And Communications Director
Anaesthesiologist – Scientific Director Of Medical Daycare Unit
Affiliate Doctors
Iordanis Kissouras, Scientific Director, Gastroenterologist – Hepatologist
Katerina Evgenidi, Gastroenterologist – Hepatologist
Georgios Tavoularis, Gastroenterologist – Hepatologist
Michael Tsakoniatis, Gastroenterologist – Hepatologist
Stergios Delakidis, Gastroenterologist, Endoscopist – Specialist in Pancreatic Diseases
Dr. Ourania Kastana, Scientific Director, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos, Phd, University of Athens, Plastic Surgeon
Stergios Zachariou, Scientific Director,, Orthopaedic Surgeon – Specialty: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Markos Nikakis, Scientific Director, Anaesthesiologist
Rania Argyropoulou, Anaesthesiologist
Firas Hamde, Scientific Director, – Dental Surgeon, DDS
Calliope Darmi, Dental Surgeon
Anastasios Manis, Periodontist – Dental Implant Specialist
Anastasia Pappa, Endodontist Prosthetic & Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Antonios Kanelleas, MD, PhD, Scientific Director,, Dermatologist – Venereologist – PhD, University of Athens
Stelios Divaris, General Surgeon, Specialty: Perianal Diseases
Vasilis Perrakis, Scientific Director,, Obstetrician – Gynaecological Surgeon
Giorgos Kalantzopoulos, Obstetrician – Gynaecological Surgeon
Dimitrios Yiannakouris, Scientific Director,, Urology – Andrology Specialist Surgeon

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YODA – Medical Daycare Unit