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Since antiquity, the time of Hippocrates the father of medicine, and Asclepius the god of medicine, Greece was a famous place for healing, wellness and relaxation. People from across the Mediterranean travelled here to visit the famous physicians of that time, playing an important and significant role in the history and the introduction of the term “medical tourism”.
Nowadays, it is the successor of George Papanicolaou cytology pioneer, born in Kimi, Evia Island. The so-called PAP smear has saved millions of lives, not to mention another application of Cytology.
ancient greeks

“The History of Medicine Began with the Greeks and Continues in Greece”

In 21st century, Greekdoctors.ru is a modern medical guide for health care providers in Greece.
You can now offer yourself, your family or your patients – customers a higher quality of medical care at attractive prices…with the safety and security of fully accredited facilities in a destination that feels more like a vacation than a doctor’s visit.    We have strong personal relationships with the best Greek doctors.
We have created Greekdoctors.ru with the permission of the doctors, information provided by themselves or the hospitals, where they work.
We have strong personal relationships with the best doctors, hospitals and clinics. Our specialists are selected according to their experience and specialization as you will see by their resumes. Furthermore, hospitals, clinics and medical centers have been evaluated by our team after visiting their premises and meeting the managers and doctors. We have direct connection to all the doctors and hospital administrators, so as to provide our customers with the best possible prices.
You will be able to have fluent communication with them in Russian or English language thanks to our interpreters.

  • Greekdoctors.ru provides access to the best medical doctors in Greece.
  • You can be sure you’re getting the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right care.

Who Can We Help?

International Patients & Hospital/Clinics

Greekdoctors.ru is the No 1 central source to assist patients in finding high quality information about health care industry in Greece and individual facilities and caregivers. Patients are more willing to travel for treatment, but they first must be informed about those treatments (procedures, costs).
Greekdoctors.ru providing high quality services inspires confidence and better prepares patients while promoting Medical Tourism. Through our collaborations with hospitals, clinics, and doctors, we create value for our clients, your patients, and the Medical Tourism industry.

What We Do? 

Healthcare Options Based On Individual Needs, Preferences, and Budgets

  • We facilitate expert and affordable medical solutions in Greece, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Crete Island (& in other main cities or islands).
  • We help you meet your health needs
  • We assist you choosing a healthcare provider (doctor, hospital or medical centre) that is right for you and your budget
  • We arrange your medical program and travel
  • We will provide you with all the information you need for your medical treatment and your travel plan
  • At destination, we provide you with personal attention and caring, at any time

How do we do it?

Trust – Transparency – Safety – Quality

With care and dedication to our work and to our customers, Greekdoctors.ru leverages our network of medical providers with tourism and local expertise, so as to provide an affordable, timely, high-quality medical vacation experience.

Why do we do it?

We facilitate your treatment abroad…

We believe health solutions should not be limited only to those with access to comprehensive insurance coverage. Every person around the world should be able to receive solid medical solutions at affordable prices, procured with high quality service, and the attention to detail everyone deserves. We invite you to take an active role in your medical care and our highly professional team will support you in what is most important to you as an individual: your health and well-being.
You are invited to Greece for Health Tourism!

Benefits of Working with Us

Absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality

  • We understand that medical information about you and your health is personal and private. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. Confidentiality is central to trust in the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Individual approach to every patient
  • We guarantee an individual approach and care to every customer – patient.
  • We do our best, so as to justify your confidence in our company.